One Piece Chapter 922 Review: Luffy’s Rage!

Luffy finally meets Kaido with a bang! My discussion of One Piece Chapter 922 and predictions moving forward!

The Chapter: Kaido enters in a complete rampage threatening the safety of Okobore Town. Luffy immediately recognizes this and sprints in Kaido’s direction with Law following to keep their allies undercover. Important to note here that Law caught up to Luffy instantlyhighlighting the new capabilities of his devil fruit power. The range of his “room” is obviously a lot wider and spreads much quicker. Hawkins, realizing Kaido is drunk, tells him Luffy and Law are hiding in the ruins of Oden Castle based off rumor. Kaido travels about halfway the distance (above Luffy) and hurls a Boro Breath towards Oden Castle, completely turning it to ruble. Luffy, enraged, quickly responds with an armament haki Elephant Gun dropped straight down on Kaido’s head.

CHapter 922


Kaido shows up drunk and by the reaction of his subordinates it’s not the first time. He struggles with constant boredom due to his unreal strength and a bad drinking habit seems to accompany that. Kaido notices Shutenmaru and acknowledges fighting him in that past, but drunkenly brushes off his presence and says he’ll forgive him if he joins his crew.  I don’t quite understand what Kaido’s obsession is with making people join his crew, but it’s becoming a staple quirk in his character which leads me to believe he’s planning something deeper. This theory is only strengthed with his previous connections to Caesar and Doflamingo to create artificial  devil fruit; possibly attempting to assemble the worlds largest and strongest pirate army.


Luffy, Law, and their Crew

We already knew Luffy was going to dart off in the direction Kaido and take a whack at him. That’s just what he does. I’m obviously excited to see the fight between Luffy and Kaido, but I’m even more excited to see what Law can do. Law’s teleportation to Luffy was so effortless; showing great improvement in his ability. Not only that, but it’s not in Law’s personality to pick a fight he can’t win.

The real question is what to make of their crew. Kaido wiped Oden Castle off the face of Wano and it’s hard to believe that anyone could survive that, but we know they did. At the end of the days it’s One Piece. And I’ll explain what I think happened to them down below.

Predictions: By Law’s lack of reaction when Kaido struck Oden Castle he was able to teleport everyone to safety. However, because of how quick the strike was Law didn’t have time to be precise, which is why their crews are scattered. The battle of Law and Luffy versus Kaido will continue while their crews and the other samurai take on Kaido’s subordinates. Kaido is currently drunk and took an unguarded hit from Luffy, which could be instrumental in their chances of defeating him. Although at some point Kaido will sober up and become serious, and that’s when the real fight begins. I do still think Zou will appear at Wano and receive his last order from Momo.

Let me know what you thought of this chapter below and thank you for reading!

–  Knessy


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