Top 5 Yu-Gi-Oh! Budget Decks: November 2018 Format

Ah. Fall season. Pumpkin flavored everything, sweaters, holiday cheer, and another month of Yu-Gi-Oh! Analyzing the meta is great, but we can’t forget about our casual and local community. Today I bring you the top five budget decks going into this upcoming November 2018 Yu-Gi-Oh! format (One hundred US dollars or less).

5. Dinosaurs ($50 – $100)


A deck predicated on going second and whipping your opponents entire field with one monster. Ultimate Conductor Tyranno is one of, if not the, best boss monster ever printed in Yu-Gi-Oh!

  • Incredibly cheap due to most of the cards being printed inside of a structure deck.
  • Deck has multiple ways it can be played appealing to all kinds of duelist.
  • Lost World Dino, while probably the weakest, still brings a lot power being able to end most boards on a rank 4 and Ultimate Conductor Tyranno. *The release of Dinowrestler Pankratops inside of Soul Fusion can be seen as a huge boost.
  • True King Dino being able to summon True King of All Calamities which can absolutely shut down some decks.
  • Shaddoll Dino proving itself to be the most powerful with its consistent tops in the former half of this year and being budget friendly after the Shaddoll Winda and Shaddoll Fusion reprints.

4. Pendulum Magician ($75 – $100)

harmonizing magician

The Electrumite limit did not kill pendulum magician. Sure its consistency and grind game got stunted, but this deck can still explode turn one putting two or three negates consistently on the board.

  • The Electrumite hit hurts, but the fact is it still exist and if it resolves the deck will explode.
  • Consistently puts up negates with Odd-Eyes Vortex Dragon and Norito the Moral Leader. Can also create very powerful rank 4’s such as Exciton Knight, Tornado Dragon, and Abyss Dweller.
  • Abyss Actor Curtain Raiser, Mythical Beast Jackal King, Magical Abductor, and Rescue Hamster are great cards that help with consistency.
  • Deck struggles with consistency with the inclusion of hand traps.

3. True Draco ($100)


Dinomight Knight, The True Dracofighter has no right being off the ban list. Even in today’s meta game True Draco is a very powerful.

  • True Draco is an anti-meta deck at its core; thus, it will have relevance for the foreseeable future.
  • Deck has dumb consistency, because of how many “high risk” draw cards you run while dodging all of the risk.
  • Has taken some indirect hits with the semi-limit of Terraforming, but Set Rotation is a great replacement.
  • Unfortunately, even with Card of Demise being reprinted a couple times it’s sitting at a steep $20 a copy making it difficult to get True Draco for anything less than one hundred US dollars.
  • Deck does struggle against graveyard disruption like Abyss Dweller.

2. Burning Abyss ($50 – $100)


Hard to believe that four years later after the release of Duelist Alliance that this deck would not only be budget friendly, but also be a meta contender.

  • Burning Abyss is a  control style mill deck with incredible grind game.
  • Dante is the most powerful XYZ monster to ever be released in the Yu-Gi-Oh! card game.
  • Beatrice, The Eternal Lady is insanely powerful being a walking 2500/2800 foolish burial.
  • The deck continues to advance with incorporating different engines.
  • It was first put back on the map by Thomas Rose who won UK Nationals with BA Sekka. Today we are seeing the emergence of BA Danger! most recently piloted at YCS Niagara and made several top cuts.
  • Other engines such as Phantom Knights are also very viable, especially with the recent release of The Phantom Knights of Rusty Bardiche which should hold us over until Cherubini is released in the TCG.

Honorable Mention: Crusadia ($75 – $100)


Crusadia is a deck that has struggled to find its mark in the meta despite it having all the necessary tools; however, is a fantastic option for local and regional play.

  • Incredibly easy to use OTK link deck. Unlike most of the link focused decks we’ve gotten this past year the ceiling for this deck is extremely low.
  • Very consistent due to the deck being made up of a bunch of two card combos (Any two Crusadia monsters with different names usually equals an OTK)
  • Crusadia Equimax is a great card not only in attack power, but also having a level of built in protection.
  • Sky Striker Mecha – Hornet Drones and/or Rescue Cat with any Crusadia monster leads into some very powerful two card combos.
  • Deck auto loses to Rivalry of the Warlords and Gozen Match, which is why I think the deck never caught on in the meta.

1. Paleozoic Frog ($50+)


The fan favorite trap based anti-meta deck is back and better than ever with some new support out of Soul Fusion!

  • Heavy trap card control style deck that starts slow, but steam rolls into some explosive boards mid to late game.
  • Able to main deck Gozen Match allowing it to shut down link summoning.
  • Toadally Awesome is close to being one of the most powerful XYZ monsters after Dante. It allows you to Tour Guide of the Underworld all your frog monsters to the field, negate opponents cards effect (and steal those cards), and recycle itself upon leaving the field.
  •  Just recently made top 4 cut at YCS Niagara earning a 3rd place spot thanks to the efforts of Michael Wisniewski.
  • Received a lot of power out of Soul Fusion with the addition of Trap Trick.

trap trick

  • Essentially letting you ROTA for any normal trap card in the deck.
  • The deck can be as cheap or as expensive as you’d like.
  • Cards like Evenly Matched and Infinite Impermanence are staples in main and side decks for tournament ready decks.
  • However; Breakthrough Skill, Lost Wind, Torrential Tribute, Bottomless Trap Hole, and Dimensional Barriers are all great budget options.

Thank you for reading my top 5 picks for the best budget decks for this upcoming November 2018 format. If you enjoyed please feel free to check out my other articles and follow me on Twitter!


YCS Niagara Meta Analysis:

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