Meta Analysis: YCS Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls, Canada hosted its first ever Yu-Gi-Oh! Competition Series (YCS), which hosted 753 duelist! Down below is a full meta analysis of the event that took place this past weekend.

First and foremost, huge shout out and congratulations to the winner of the first ever YCS Niagara, Gabriel Vargas who piloted Gouki. Although this was a smaller event there is a lot to take away from this past weekend.


YCS Niagra

Unlike the most recent YCS events Sky Striker took a comfortable lead in representation and was pegged to be the best deck of the format for a while. However, with the release of Soul Fusion it has shaken up the playing field quite a bit. Now the top three decks battling for power are Thunder Dragons, Gouki, and Sky Striker, respectively. Altergeist was tied for the fifth most represented deck with Danger! Burning Abyss. Now this might not have taken a whole lot of people by surprise as Thunder Dragons have been topping tournaments in the OCG for the past few months and when you look at the archetype there’s no question why.


Thunder Dragon Colossus is a walking Mistake with built in protection; something most decks will get absolutely shut down by. The best way to counter colossus is by using a deck that doesn’t search often and has effect negation. That’s where the sole top 32 Paleozoic Frog pilot Michael Wisniewski took advantage. Wisniewski went on to top 4 and placed 3rd at YCS Niagara. Seeing a fellow Paleozoic player make top 4 warms my heart. Paleozoic frog has one of the best match ups against Thunder Dragons because they’re least hindered by the simplified game state that Thunder Dragons pose. Also, the newly printed Trap Trick card out of Soul Fusion gives Paleozoic a MASSIVE boost in consistency, being able to run essentially six copies of any normal trap. It also doges the effects of Droll & Lock Bird, Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring, and Thunder Dragon Colossus because it sets directly to the field.

trap trick

As for the rest of YCS Niagara, Danger! had a very good showing with Dirk Wagner earning second place with his Danger! Darkworld deck. We were also treated to the sight of a new Danger! FTK piloted by Jeff Jones who used Armageddon Knight into a firewall play equaling a one card FTK. I will leave a link detailing Jeff Jones’ decision making because the article explains it better than I ever could.

That wraps up everything for my meta analysis of YCS Niagara and I hope you found this thread helpful. Definitely a lot to learn from this past weekend and I look forward to seeing how the meta will shape up moving forward. All things considered I’d say the meta is fairly balanced right now especially after the release of Soul Fusion. Now we just have to get rid of Firewall.

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Jeff Jones FTK:


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